My paintings are contemporary reflections of an evolving journey through a typical life – an equal mix of beauty, joy and love, challenged by frustration, deprivation, fear and sorrow.

I came late to this passion. I am, for the most part, self-taught but, the few people with whom I have studied have given me a path upon which I attempt to tread with grace. Early works of mine were representational. As my conviction and comprehension of the internal dynamics of art came together, I began to take risks on canvas. Starting to trade off palette knives for brushes, just to add texture to works which seemed to me, a bit flat, I found that working with a knife afforded me a freedom greater than I had experienced with a brush. Each stroke with the knife and thick paint had to be intentional and energetic. I believe this can be seen as it was once felt on the canvas.

Today, I continue to learn and evolve, both in my art and philosophy. My paintings are primarily non-objective and can be called a form of abstract expressionism. My encounters with canvas are my creative actions which originate intuitively and emotionally as right-brain thinking without thought. Color, form, texture and energy all reside with my process.

Myrna Leigh Cohn

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