It’s been eleven months since I had access to my paints, brushes, easel, canvases, knives et al that one might find in an artist’s space.

new-studio-400We retrieved my accouterments from a storage shed not far from our apartment and, once again, the boxes remained isolated from my attachment to that which might be considered my passion — almost a year without my passionate creative persona!

Finally, with encouragement from Shawn and Garrett and hands-on help from Shawn, we began the arduous task of unpacking and organizing the contents of each and every box, bag, drawer ad infinitum. We couldn’t have arranged it all without the bamboo armoire which has escaped from being dumped every time we moved…

The armoire spent the last 11 years in the garage. For some reason, I could never get rid of it perhaps, because I remember it in the bedroom of two of my daughters in the last place I truly felt at home.

Today, my intent was to begin a painting — a 20″x30″ canvas, 1 1/2″ thick. I got as far as unwrapping the canvas and placing it gingerly on my easel. Suddenly, I felt like a stranger to my surroundings and all the implements spread out on the table and in several roller

It is time to reconnect to that part of myself which has been dormant for so long. Writing this piece is a prelude to a new beginning.

—bring vinyl gloves tomorrow.

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