Many people ask me why I write publicly about my personal life, my experiences, my feelings and the lessons I have learned on my ever evolving path.

Break Out of Your Shell!Some people are really interested and caring and want to share their thoughts; others believe it is in “bad taste” to reveal one’s inner reality. A good face to the world — a persona to be accepted by all …pain and sometimes even joy–best kept to one’s self.

I remember my grandmother, who was from “the old country” warning us not to parade around talking about the good things in our life because the “bad spirit” would be jealous and would take them. Even the basket of a newborn had to have a red ribbon tied to it to frighten the spirit away.

My father said, “Children are to be seen and not heard.” Mother seemed to agree with this philosophy. As the eldest girl of three, I made myself invisible by reading obsessively and “hiding behind my book” as my mother claimed. Well, why not? Who was there to listen to me?

I became a psych major in college and a student of human behavior. To this day, I continue learning about myself, those around me and people in general. I found my greatest strengths to be my listening skills and my ability to share myself with others. I learned when I share, trust grows and relationships form. And, who knows, maybe some other soul will learn something from my journey.


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