Traumatic: Unpleasant, disagreeable, troublesome, irritating, distressing, also injurious and harmful.” (Oxford Thesaurus)

moving boxesMoving day and three weeks thereafter… enduring the physical and mental stress of a move from a home of ten years, equipped with everything one could possible need including surround-sound and a whirlpool bath with multiple settings, into an apartment half the size, turned my world literally and figuratively upside down.

Without going into an endless stream of boring details, let me just say that during this process when I felt overwhelmed, physically weak and impotent, one of my daughters reminded me of a chapter I had written in a book, “Star Spangled Speakers,” a long, long time ago when I was travelling from coast-to-coast as a motivational speaker.

“Mom, you’re still the same woman you were – you can connect with your strengths just like you did back then,” she tells me.

Amazingly, I find the book within the plethora of boxes confronting me and I read the story of a woman overcoming multiple obstacles to become successful in many aspects of her life. I read what I had once called, “The Ten Lessons of My Life, Yours For The Taking.”

As I delve into the lessons and the stories connected to their messages, I realize they remain valid. I also know that we all will benefit from repeating them here and sharing them with you in hopes that you might take something away with them, perhaps enabling you to carry on in difficult times.


  1. Face your fears.
  2. Take Action.
  3. Be prepared and persevere.
  4. Turn lemons into lemonade.
  5. Rewards are not always immediate.
  6. Choose your own goals.
  7. Know yourself.
  8. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
  9. Believe in yourself.
  10. Welcome personal responsibility.

The multiplicity of these ten years, when taken together, has a profound force. You will find yourself in the center of your personal picture, surrounded by all that you have manifested. Only you can make it happen. I challenge you to start NOW on your journey toward becoming all that you are capable of being!

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