fallpix1Journal entry:

Living in Door County has been, and continues to be, a challenge for me. On one side, it affords me the time and opportunity to be exposed to nature, which isn’t something easily done from a high-rise in the city of Chicago. I write. I paint. I facilitate memoir writing workshops. I do yoga, meditate and walk in the woods. On the other, I miss the energy of the city, the myriad of choices and the abundance of cultural activities, the diversity, the lights, the global influence, avenues of learning, ad infinitum.

The sky is blue and clear today, and the temperature is 41 degrees. Spring? Summer? Mid-July to the end of August. Fall–beautiful. We had a great deal of rain this year so the ground cover and trees beforehand were greener than I remember in any previous year. The colors of Fall still adorn the landscape — yesterday, we experienced a bit of hail. Soon, the leaves will all be gone; the snowbirds will have flown to where temperatures soar and the oceans roar (just said this because it rhymes). Maybe some go to the desert or the mountains.

This seems to me to be the way to love Door County–live here only in the summer, when the theater, the restaurants, cultural events, art fairs and the beaches are open to all. Enjoy-share-laugh-create… leave for warmer climates where you can enjoy-share-laugh-create.


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