Myrna Leigh Cohn’s paintings reflect the inner journey of her life… the people, places, dreams and emotions that remain with her and within her.

If she has a photo, a piece of music, a vision or a few words which remind her of a meaningful moment in time, it often becomes a catalyst to inform her work.

“The Evolution of a Left-brained Consultant to a Right-brained Artist”
Myrna Leigh Cohn on Art
by DesignWise Studios

The above short was filmed at a recent solo show that included a dialogue with the artist, recorded on video.

“In my landscapes, I do not try to reproduce the symmetry and beauty of the pastoral scene, nor do I feel the need to replicate the color palette of nature. Color, form and texture help me reveal the essence of the subject, and then to interpret my experience of the scene.”

“I am enamored by the sky… the clouds in all their configurations; the sun in its’ early morning reverie and its’ glorious flaming decent. Many of my paintings arise from my desire to portray the individuality of each moment as reflected in the sky.”

“In the scheme of the world, our individual lives are fragile and fleeting. For what is left of mine, I will continue to be a woman artist whose soul is revealed in my art.”

Myrna Leigh Cohn

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