Fleeting, fleeting, fleeting. Time marches or runs, as the case may be… so much to do and not enough time to give my all to any one thing.

My to-do list:

  1. Write in journal
  2. Arrange paintings into separate galleries for new Website
  3. Identify, measure and price paintings
  4. Work on the next module of my “MoMA” class
  5. Start to assemble a year’s worth of financial information
  6. Do the laundry
  7. Finish a small mailing project for The Hardy
  8. Design and print new business cards
  9. Complete a nutritional profile including medications and supplements
  10. Grocery shop for the week
  11. Work on three new paintings
  12. Figure out how to control my new Android phone (it insists on talking to me)
  13. Install and implement 2012 Quicken and 2011 Turbo-Tax
  14. Pay bills
  15. Compile a legible list of my personal passwords (which are now on scraps of paper in and around my computer and green journal) and put them someplace I can remember, etc., etc., etc..

A good friend might say, “Well, have you thought of prioritizing them?” Or, “Take a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle and identify the pros and cons of each item.” Maybe, “Do whatever speaks to you.”  “Follow your heart.”  “Hire a secretary.”

As if I couldn’t come up with these answers myself…

The challenge is the passage of time and the falling of the leaves, the descending barometer and the falling of the trees. My mind and my body respond instantly to the insidious changes that take place around me. Sometimes, I feel full of energy and get off to a good start in the morning; other times, I wish I could give myself permission to stay under the covers for the day – which, of course, I wouldn’t consider doing because my “list” awaits me.

The best mornings of the week are the two days when, for better or for worse, I arise and manage to get myself to my yoga class. It is here, in this space, that I truly breathe and find my balance and a sense of peace. On these days, I can create and I can focus. I am not overwhelmed by my list, ever present, but, no longer foreboding.

Today is the last day of November. I have now fulfilled my personal goal of composing a journal (or “blog”) at least once a month. I have a feeling I will be writing more posts in December. Lots to say about how the MoMA program is impacting my painting and my thinking about my painting.

In advance of tomorrow, “Tibbar, tibbar.”  – myrna leigh

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