It’s been a bit too long since my last post.  How do I know? I know because now I have so many stories to tell, I don’t know which to choose.  In fact, my mind is swirling around in so many directions, I’m feeling dizzy. In addition, from a practical standpoint, if I don’t write and don’t publish new and interesting pieces on a regular basis, the number of visitors to my blog drops drastically and then my marketinga coach starts setting deadlines.

What difference does it all make? What is the purpose of a blog other than to exercise one’s love of the English language and a certain delight in telling stories? My coach says the purpose is to build a conversation around art and share my inner workings with anyone who is interested. I am an artist (and I dare to say so). I paint in various styles and with varying mediums – which, at present, is abstract using oils and knives. What better way to reach a wider audience?

Writing to me, is just like painting. It requires a time of cogitation, a time of visualization, a time of hibernation and then finally, a time of expression. I don’t have a muse, although I would welcome one at any time. I don’t have the discipline to march into my work space every morning and sit there until the words or paint start flowing. For a long time I have been making excuses for myself, saying that since I came to these specific creative outlets late in life, I just haven’t cultivated the habit of everyday production.

Now, I believe I have been able to externalize the challenge. My office and studio share the same space – albeit divided by a parchment, an oriental type screen. If I do not walk in there with intent, one way or the other, I gravitate towards my computer. “Just for a few minutes,” I say. “I’ll just check my email, see what’s up on Facebook and take a look at my bank balance.” Then, in what seems like an instant it’s time for lunch.

The reality is, I just do not exercise the self-discipline I know that I have within myself.  It’s the “blank white canvas” that I’ve written about before. But, once I start, I finish.

Do you find it challenging to take that first step in the right direction?

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