More than a dozen paintings and prints are now on display in a one-person exhibit at the Northern Door Y Program Center in Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

Here’s the official Press Release… written by my publicist. Please, feel free to use it and help get the word out:

Baileys Harbor painter, writer and former corporate management consultant, Myrna Leigh Cohn discovered the artistic and creative half of her brain later in life. More than a dozen years ago, after a successful career as a top-flight management consultant, she picked up a brush and dipped it into oils. From that point on, she began a personal and a spiritual quest to understand and apply right and left-brained theory in her daily life.

“In the scheme of the world, our individual lives are fragile and fleeting,” says Myrna Leigh. “For what is left of mine, I will continue to be a woman artist whose soul is revealed in my art.”

Myrna began exploring cautiously as a representational artist, painting mostly landscapes and a few portraits. As her conviction and comprehension of the internal dynamics of being an artist came together, she began a process of daring to take risks on canvas. Her paintings often began as landscapes and evolved into an abstract expression of her emotions.

Now, she paints aggressively, often attacking a blank canvas with strong colors applied with a collection of palette knives. The surfaces are sometimes quite tactile and energetic.

“My paintings are contemporary reflections of an evolving journey through a typical life,” says Myrna Leigh, “an equal mix of beauty, joy and love, challenged by frustration, deprivation, fear and sorrow.”

The Northern Door Y is now honoring that commitment to art with a dedicated show of her paintings and prints that one Y staffer exclaimed, “…is one of the most professional and beautiful shows we have ever presented.” The exhibit will run through mid-March.

Find her socially at: and visit her Website at

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