If you’ve read my bio, you know how much of my meanderings through life I attribute to the “state” of my mind at any given time.

12-year old "Show Off"

According to my theory, evolution from left brain (business consultant, academic) to right brain (Grecian goddess with flowing robes and large palette knives in hand) was a distinct and intentional move – in fact, a choice based on extraordinary, scientific findings.

It makes sense if you like those cut-and-dried conclusions passed off as the “truth.”

Well, I hadn’t thought much about my bio and its’ contents until some newbee found my site and contacted me to discuss my philosophy of “half-brains”.

I turned my attention to the evolutionary process I proposed and faced an existential quandry – what real difference did it make in the scheme of my mortal existence… or any one else’s for that matter?

When I tried to answer the query, I found myself groping for an “academic” response and then realized what a joke that was. My mind, your mind, anyone’s mind, works as a whole system; albeit, a certain part of the brain is best at rational, analytical, logical thinking and another is best at emotional, nonlinear, instinctive, intuitive and holistic response.

But, our brains don’t operate as on-off switches; both halves play active roles in nearly everything we do.

For a truly profound and original approach to this wholistic thinking and how it relates to everything from the state of the economy, world peace and the role of a caretaker in the two-child family, I happily refer you to “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel H. Pink. You’ll believe it when you read it because you’ll recognize what he says is happening all around us.

It’s not the “Age of Aquarious” but the age of design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning. As for my work, I’m into color, texture, energy and joy, wherever in my whole brain this originates.

“You’re not going to find the meaning of life hidden under a rock written by someone else. You’ll only find it by giving meaning to life from inside yourself.” – Dr. Rboert Firestone, author and psychotherapist.

…sounds like existentialism to me.

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