Well, Christmas and New Year’s Day have passed and I haven’t resumed my writing or painting but, I have spent many hours thinking and planning the changes I want to make in my life and career …of course, all grist for the mill.

We used to call this mental masturbation and I think that is probably an apt description. After all, thinking is not being-in-the-moment and doesn’t produce an immediate outcome, be it a blog or a painting.

I was schooled in the value of being a deep thinker and in my many years as a counselor and organizational consultant, that ability was a key to my success. Throw in being a good listener and there you have the recipe for excellence in my former profession.

I have been making the transition from left-brain orientation to right-brain orientation for ten years, and although I am much more settled in the mid-area, the pull to linear thinking is still strong. It’s easy to make a list and cross off the completed action. It’s not easy to separate that from the cacophony of everyday life. I see myself as a nomad who must enter a cave in order to create… and this is scary for me.

I am ready to start painting. I have three or four sketches in my notebooks, yet here I am writing. But, I can feel the energy enabling me to face my fear and START.

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