Sincere, lasting friendship is not easy to find or to maintain.

1: a person whom one knows well and is fond of;
2: an ally, supporter or sympathizer.

Having a friend requires commitment, patience, caring and good listening skills. It calls for the ability to pay attention, without needing to talk. It thrives on loving-kindness and compassion. A good friend knows how to just be there in the moment.

Yesterday, I spent some time with a friend. Our conversation ranged from business to personal, trite to soul-searching, funny to heartbreaking, methodical to intuitive and back again… something like a sentence without punctuation.

Time passed quickly. Our tasks were down on paper. We continued talking, drinking fresh brewed coffee and eating ‘out-of-the-oven’ brownies.
One and a half hours of free-flowing communication with a friend, someone whom I know well and of whom I am very fond.

Salute to friendship — rare indeed.

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