We are surrounded by upheaval and uncertainly; we are inundated with negative reports from the morning newspaper to the evening news and everything in-between; we experience the seemingly never-ending downward spiral of the world as we knew it.
We feel anxious and inadequate; it is all beyond our ability to effect change.
How can we, as individuals and families, stay sane in a crazy world? A few small behaviors have enabled me to maintain balance and a sense of equilibrium during stressful times.

  •  1) When I awake in the morning, I take five minutes to breathe deeply and center myself in the new day. I take a moment or two to feel gratitude for all that I have in my life; i.e., people I love, artistic gifts, good health, etc.
  • 2) During the day, I stay in contact with my breathing as it is the best indicator of my emotional state. The act of returning to the breath, in and of itself, will alleviate any stress or anxiety I may be experiencing. 
  • 3) When the “noise” around me encourages me to “disconnect” from my path, I seek silence as a restorative process.

Above all, staying in the moment is crucial to feeling appreciation, love, joy, beauty and happiness. I, personally, substitute contentment for happiness because the definition of happiness is illusive to me.

I can’t say I don’t watch tv or read newspapers or magazines; but when I do, I maintain boundaries between my being and the media.

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