Yesterday, I had the joy of attending this art festival (ranked 5th Best Art Festival in the country). It was, without a doubt the most exciting art festival I have ever attended and just for the record, information about it can be found at

I went there to see what other people are creating in all the arts; but in particular, artists whose work is modern and contemporary evoking emotions through color, texture and style. Of course, this is how I see my work, so I guess I wanted to compare what I create to what others are creating.

There were over 300 booths. My soul resonated with the work of four artists: Jeffrey Cannon, Charles Emery Ross, Michael McKee and John Krieger. I talked with each and every one of them and found them to be open and willing to share both technical and emotional aspects of their work. I felt exhilarated, excited, and motivated. My mind was awhirl with color and visions. I learned more in a few minutes with each of these fine painters than in numerous workshops and classes I have taken. I can see my path more clearly and am ready to commit to the artist’s life.

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