It was a perfect weekend.  I painted on Saturday and Sunday and finished a small snow scene which I really like.

In 2003, I took a picture of a barn and a lean-to(?) It was in Spring and flowering bushes and grasses surrounded the buildings.  In the Fall, I took another picture, same view, and the trees surrounding the buildings were spectacular in all the shades of autumn.  I had intended to paint from these photos but never did.

Today, I looked at the Fall picture, looked out the window, and painted a winter scene (see “White-Out” in my gallery at devoid of all the color of the previous seasons.  The simplicity of the view (in my mind’s eye, of course) called me to my easel which has sat unused since last May.  The calmness of the scene reflects the calmness within as a long, unstructured day lay ahead (my favorite kind of day).  When I finished painting, my left-brain took over and I was able to get organized for the New Year.  Papers were thrown away, folders emptied, books moved and space made for my snowglobes.  Chores were identified and time frames established.

I didn’t return any of the calls I received since New Year’s Day; my energy was not going to be drained listening or talking.  It is my day, and as it comes to an end, I wish tomorrow could be the same……

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