To be honest with one’s friends is to be true to one’s self. To be honest is to risk offending, but to withhold, is to incur obscurity. If being congruent is a value, must I always be the same; if being authentic is a goal, may I never play the game.

If I wish to partake in the activities of the world, I must reach out, take action, participate; but if I desire to create, I  must withdraw, welcome silence, separate.

To evolve as a human is to change; to change is to leave behind; to leave behind is to suffer loss; to suffer loss is to make room for the unknown.

Is there a value in what is, just because it has always been; is there a gift in the new, only because it has never been?

The questions and quandaries of existence will always torment the unexamined life; the apparent ease and superficiality of the unexamined life will forever mirror the alternative choice.

Can I, in my aloneness, fill my need for belonging; can I as part of the group fulfill my longing for creative expression.

To question is to paralyze; to question is to learn; to question is to evolve; to question is to continue to question.

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